Roof Restoration Systems

Roof Restoration – What is it:

When building owners or property managers have serious concerns with their commercial roofs, they frequently believe that a total roof replacement is the only solution. Due to a lack of solid information and data about commercial roof restoration systems, most commercial roofs are replaced before they reach the end of their lifetime.

Our roof restoration solutions are the most cost-effective, proactive process designed to extend the life of various roofing systems, including modified bitumen, metal, single-ply / roof membrane, built-up and foam.

Roof restorations come with warranties of 10 Years plus and are the most cost-effective way to lengthen the lifespan of a roof, without removing the existing roof. Roof Coating Systems are also known to reduce energy costs up to 20%, protect your roof from damaging UV rays and heat and are environmentally friendly.

If you consider a roof restoration at the right time, you might save up to half the cost of a full roof replacement. It can also help you avoid unnecessarily disturbing your business and minimizing landfill waste generated during a total roof replacement.

There are a number of reasons why a Commercial Roof Restoration may be preferred over a complete roof replacement, here are a few of them;

  •         Half the cost of a roof replacement
  •         No Expensive tear-off (especially with metal roofs)
  •         No interruption to your business
  •         Lower labor costs
  •         Lower maintenance cost
  •         Quicker installation
  •         Energy efficiency

The health and safety of every occupant in your commercial facility is a major priority for you as a property owner. It’s a well-known fact that providing a safe and joyful working environment is the key to enhancing productivity in your company.

Consider the repercussions of a leaking roof, the effects of water dripping from your ceiling, and the fact that rats and pests are sure to pass through your roof freely.

It’s tempting to put off restoring your commercial roof until it becomes a major issue, but doing so often results in additional damages and costs. Furthermore, when a building’s roof is severely damaged, it becomes more difficult to obtain insurance.

Starts with the Inspection:

Considering the first stage, a visual inspection will identify specific target areas of concern, like cracks, loose fasteners and seam, deterioration of membranes, moisture issues, ponding, improper boots, pipes and flashing.  Leakage in the insulation and underlying deck, rust and other elements that could weaken your roofing material will be identified at this stage.

Our Roofing Specialists will also conduct a thorough inspection and provide a detailed Inspection Photo Report.  Our services may also include moisture scans and drone footage.

The Estimation Team:

Our Market Managers will use the measurements, condition and other elements of the inspection to create the most cost-effective solution tailored to your needs.  They will provide a proposal detailing the scope of work, pricing and length of warranty.

The Operations Team:

Our Operations Team is composed of the VP of Operations, Senior Project Manager, your dedicated Project Manager, Superintendents, technicians and field crew.  Our team, not only educated in on-going trade training, they are all, at a minimum OSHA 10 certified and participate in on-going LCR Safety Training.

Once the best solution is chosen, our Operations Team will reach out to schedule the roof restoration, order materials and work with you to make your roof restoration as seamless as possible

Restoration is the Process:

Approximate time frame

  •         Pressure Washing:       1-2 days
  •         Roof Repairs/Prep:      1-2 days
  •         Roof Coating:                1-2 days

Once the Roof Restoration is complete, Longhorn provides you with the Completion Photo Report, Warranty and a Maintenance Manual.  We also provide Maintenance Agreements to preserve your roof restoration and warranty.

Still deciding whether a roof restoration is what you need? Contact us for a thorough, no-cost inspection.