Roof Maintenance


Extend Your Roof’s Life with Commercial Roof Maintenance

A thorough business roof maintenance plan is the greatest method to extend the life of your roof. A well-maintained roof can last for many years beyond its guarantee period, and experienced building managers understand that postponing roof replacement frees up funds for other business-related needs.

Frequent commercial roof maintenance isn’t an option for savvy building managers who want to get the most out of their roof investment; it’s an essential aspect of a cost-effective property plan.

In the World of Roof Maintenance, Timing is Everything.

Inspecting a commercial roof at least twice a year, usually in the spring and fall, is ideal. To keep the warranty in effect, most roof system warranties contain certain roofing care instructions that must be followed. Enrolling in an approved commercial roof care plan might prolong your warranty in some instances.

Preventative Measures

There are things facility managers may do to extend the service life of their roofs in addition to routine inspections, warranty maintenance, and repairs. General measures should be followed by all personnel who have access to the roof, such as not smoking on the roof, walking only on authorized walk routes and pads, cleaning drain clogs as soon as possible, and not leaving equipment or other objects on the roof.

How to Help Create a Commercial Roofing Maintenance Plan

A successful business roof maintenance plan requires documentation of the roof’s history. All relevant documents, including original roof specs, shop drawings and proposals, daily construction reports, manufacturer’s roofing system product sheets, warranty documents, and records of all roof alterations, adjustments, and repairs, should be kept both digitally and physically.

A Commercial Maintenance Plan’s Initial Roof Survey

At the commencement of a new commercial roof maintenance program, a full roof survey, including an energy audit study, provides a firm basis. A full report on the roof’s current condition, its age and size, and the type of roofing system installed should be included in the survey. 

When it comes to designing an effective commercial roof maintenance plan, any aspect that affects the existing or future roof condition, such as the location and type of access portals, the number and placement of walkways, prevailing environmental conditions, and building use, is invaluable.

Important Reasons to Enroll in a Maintenance Program

Because a commercial roof is far more intricate and technical than it appears to the untrained eye, hiring a roofing specialist rather than entrusting the roof to building maintenance staff is the best approach to protect your investment. 

Longhorn Commercial Roofing helps our customers make informed decisions about roof repair and maintenance. Our goal is to keep your roof in perfect condition so you can focus on running your business.

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