New Construction

The terms new construction and replacement are frequently used interchangeably when it comes to roofing. They both install brand-new roofs, but the procedures used to do so are somewhat different. Longhorn Commercial Roofing, one of the best roofing businesses in the area, goes into greater detail.

New Construction Explained:

A roof replacement project entails ripping off the entire roof down to the deck and replacing it with new roofing materials and components. This is not the same as reroofing, which includes laying cover board and membrane on top of existing roof installation.

A new construction roofing project, on the other hand, is frequently done in conjunction with the building of new structures. Expect new construction roofers to work on the roofing framework, underlayment, and roof covering whether a home or a business property is being erected.


What to Expect with a New Construction Project:

The roof project begins with a thorough examination of the entire structure’s envelope. This will aid in the definition and analysis of the intended roof type and system, which includes the deck, insulation, and covering. Following that, the contractor should have a clearer idea of what type of roofing system you want to install depending on your needs.

After this has been determined, roofing work can begin after the contract has been approved and signed. Following the completion of the installation, the professionals will conduct an inspection to see if all of your requirements for a roofing system were met.


Safety Matters:

At Longhorn, safety is always in the forefront. All crew members from technicians to senior PMs are OSHA 10, OSHA 30 and attend on-going LCR Safety Courses, documented through MyWave Portal Systems. We are a platinum recipient of OSHA Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction. ‘ The National Safety Stand-Down raises fall hazard awareness across the country in an effort to stop fall fatalities and injuries.’ #StandDown4Safety

OSHA Stand Down Certificate


Reasons to Choose a Local, Reputable Commercial Roofing Company:

Working with a reputable local roofing contractor like us can help you achieve the greatest outcomes, regardless of the magnitude of the roofing project. The specialists will meet and exceed your expectations thanks to their knowledge and skills.

Longhorn Commercial Roofing can give the local service you require for an impending new construction roof project while also delivering the greatest outcomes. Our crew has the experience and understanding necessary to install the high-quality roofing system you require. Our meticulous attention to detail, tailored approach, and roofing knowledge will ensure that the task is completed correctly.

Our culture and attitude fuels us to be the very best in the industry day in and day out. We have all the tools to make sure the job gets done correctly and efficiently while providing the most value in our pricing. Our employees are knowledgeable, reliable, and focused on delivering and maintaining the very best customer experience in Texas.

We can also help you with other roofing issues, such as roof replacement, maintenance programs and repair. Request a free estimate by calling (888) 210-050 or filling out our contact form.