New Construction

New Construction:

New Construction: A roof replacement project is ripping off the entire roof; down to the deck and replacing it with new materials and components, this is not the same as re-roofing.

Re-roofing includes laying cover board and membrane on top of existing roof installation.  In order to learn more about re-roofing, please visit our webpage “re-roofs”where more detail is giving regarding re-roofs.

You may be asking, what can I expect with a new construction project and this is a great question to ask and the answer is a complete inspection of the entire structure’s envelope of which will aid in the anaylisis of the intened roof type.

This will include the deck, insulation and covering. Again, new Construction: A roof replacement project is ripping off the entire roof down to the deck. 


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New Construction: Roof Replacement: Safety Matters:

At Longhorn, safety comes first. All crew members are OSHA 10, OSHA 30 and attend our crew continues on-going Longhorn Commercial Roofing Safety Courses.

We are a proud platinum recipient of OSHA Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction therefore, we take a great amount of pride in our safety programs.

Longhorn  puts job site safety first on each and every project therefore LCR takes time to make sure all safety matters are in place.



Project safety

Safety is always first at Longhorn Commercial Roofing

OSHA Stand Down Certificate

Longhorn Commercial Roofing, OSHA certificate

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